Welcome to Jaya

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Welcome to Jaya

We craft authentic and timeless lifestyle experiences founded in the deep meanings of beauty, virtue, success and the pleasure of life. Creating the perfect balance of heart and mind.

This is true luxury.

Our Visionaries

Jaya Ibrahim’s approach to design searched for the beauty and serenity within each project, inspired by the local culture and geographical context; no two styles were ever the same, but always unmistakably Jaya.

He was universally celebrated for always following his own path, influenced by his own beliefs and experience, unaffected by fleeting trends.

This path continues to guide the Jaya ethos, allowing the team to breathe Jaya’s creativity, soul and character into everything we do, successfully taking the DNA of the company and evolving it for a new era. Jaya’s unique approach to design was timeless. As testament to his long and prolific career, his approach remains uncompromised by our team.

Jaya Interiors

Providing bespoke Interior Design services for those who share our long-standing appreciation of timeless design and outstanding craftsmanship. Drawing on the cultural and ecological context of the setting and employing forms, materials, colours and textures genuinely rooted in the region, Jaya Interiors note each element that make our commissions distinctive, developing a unique spatial concept and visual language for every project.

Jaya Hotels & Residences

We work to design, craft and manage the world’s most considered luxury hotels, resorts,residences, lounges and spas. Delivering culturally authentic experiences and service that are distinctly unique to the Jaya brand.

Our exploratory approach to design is consistent, but each space is unique, shaping environments that are sophisticated and luxurious with effortless harmony, ease and grace.

Jaya Home

Bringing the unique beauty and serenity of Jaya into the home, we elevate texture, colour and shape to become more than just the components of a space. Our beautiful homeware is designed to make a mark on even the boldest of rooms.

Jaya Lifestyle

Jaya Lifestyle brings thoughtfully designed luxury gifts, accessories and lifestyle products to the fingertips of those who harbour a passion for design distinction. Jaya Lifestyle embraces the simplicity of timeless, considered design and remains respectful to the craftsmanship behind each offering.