A Note From Jaya

The collection will be in limited edition of 36 for each piece of furniture. Most of them will be featured in either Makassar Ebony or Sonokeling (Javanese rosewood). These are extremely rare hard woods from Indonesia.

More importantly, I chose them for their beauty and their quality being hard and very compact timber. Different from other exotic tropical timbers, there is no necessity to stain them nor to impregnate them with any substance that modern furniture making always seem to apply to enhance the wood they use.

The Makassar Ebony was made famous the world around by the art deco period designers last century, replacing the Ambonese ebony that became extinct towards the end of the 19th century due to the demand created by the Dutch colonialists and the lack of foresight by the colonials themselves in replanting them over the centuries. The Sonokeling had always been the Javanese nobilities’ favourite choice for the covers and the elaborate hilts of their Keris, a ceremonial weapon, despite it being extremely difficult to carve.

We were very lucky that we managed to secure an amount of these two timbers for the collection. It may prove to be some of the last consignments available for a long time, as there are very strict controls over the felling of the trees and its distribution. Other timbers, such as white oak, teak are also being used, mainly as a foil to the Makassar Ebony and the Javanese Sonokeling.

The collection also features metal for legs, detailing and decorative elements. They are textured bronze from Thailand, silvered nickel from the North Coast of Java, and for one sideboard we have a pure silver plate as a background for a pure silver handle hammered into shape in Bali.

Handles had always been my biggest problem throughout my professional life, not being entirely happy with anything that is offered commercially around the world. Specifically for this collection, I have made numerous trips to China, Burma and Thailand and up and down Java and Bali, scouring the local markets for uncut rock rubies, carved horn, carved bone, natural shaped amber and turquoise. In fact some pieces would have seeds from the sacred Bodhi tree. It is our aim to ensure that each piece of furniture in this collection that needs a handle will get one that will each be unique and special, and not the same as the next piece.

  • Makassar Ebony

  • Sonokeling

  • Oak

  • Hammered Bronze

  • Beaten Silver

  • Beaten Copper

  • Sand Grey Shagreen

  • Tarnished Gold Shagreen

  • Full Woven Rattan

  • Open Weaved Rattan

  • Black Stained Rattan

  • Stone

  • Natural Parchment

  • Tobacco Stained Parchment

  • Lacquer

  • Silk Lampshade