• Jaya, An Artisan at Heart

    Jaya Ibrahim (1948 – 2015), an intriguing figure so personable that he lovingly referred to his furniture pieces as friends.

    Given Jaya Ibrahim’s impressive track record in designing some of the world’s most stunning interiors from Aman Fayun to The Legian Bali, you can be excused in forgetting that Jaya was originally trained as an accountant.

    Weather he was setting the table, stitching a cusion or arranging flowers, he did it with equal aplomb as he would entertain Dukes and Ministers.

  • Harmony and Grace

    People of one culture or class seldom see beauty in people of a different cultural background. But for Jaya, neither origin nor culture, style preferences nor preconceptions hampers his unique way of marrying cultural ideas.

    In all these qualities Jaya sees great beauty.

    His intuitive flair for creating a discreet presence regardless of sprawling hotel spaces or the privacy of

    private residences shines through. His royal DNA borne out of his princess mother and diplomat-banker father, makes him especially attuned to the finer things in life.

    Over the last 30 years, Jaya’s workmanship has been etched across the most prestigious landmark hotels and residences dotted all over the world from Miami to Paris, and all across Asia. Each of Jaya’s design has a story, a slice of history – he is an original through and through.


    Elegance is the art of making things beautiful. It is seeing things with new eyes; for Jaya, it is also a labour of love.

    “Intuitiveness is about being aware of the sense of touch, being able to listen to your heart, feel the rise of your emotions, what it is saying to me.”

    Starting from the beginning, every cut, every mold and every

    finish is the birth of an elegant thought, energy necessary to bring to life each chair, each table.

    True to his Javanese roots, the importance of craftsmanship for Jaya is a legacy within the house. Through intensive research; each requiring months of labour and design work, Jaya uses materials of only the highest quality, maintaining the integrity and exclusivity to the JAYA brand.


    True beauty is found in the character of each piece of the collection, where imperfections and flaws are prized as artisanry. The materials Jaya uses are rare and beautiful things in themselves which are there to be revealed.

    The Javanese craftsmen were the perfect partners to bring these modern pieces to life.

    “It is important to me that we stay true to our roots and at the same time, evolve. My vision is to set the tone and assure the totality of my creations is imbued into our design philosophy, our work ethics and culture of our company. These are all reflected in the brand JAYA; a guarantee of the highest integrity.”